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About Sports Explainer

Have you ever dream to play tennis like Rafael Nadal or run like Usain Bolt ? In order to better understand the best athletes secrets, the Sports Explainer programs analysis all keys performances from various kind of sports

Thanks to a great combinaison of synthetic images and sport expertise, the Sports Explainer provides a clear explanation of the high-level sport. 

The result is either, a very entairtenement and instructive programs! 

Programming available :

50 episodes available

Average duration: 3'

Thematics: cycling, winter olympic, equestrian, alpine skiing, shooting, tennis, rugby, athletics, chess, judo, luge, motorsports, fencing, volley ball, field hockey ...

Uppon request possibility to produce dedicated Sports Explainer for your network 

Explainer Athletics:

  • Secrets of 100M World Record
  • Triple Jump Secrets
  • How does the hammer work

Expliner Cycling:

  • Chasing a breakaway
  • Mastering a descent
  • The echelon cycling
  • How to win a sprint
  • How to blitz a team time trial  

Explainer Tennis:  

  • Rafa's Secret of spin 
  • Stan's Signature Backhand

Explainer Alpine Ski:  

  • Saving seconds on a start 
  • Saving seconds on a jump
  • Saving seconds on a curve 
  • Saving seconds with aerodynamics

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