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Worldwide excl United States of America

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About DR1 Racing

Drone racing is a sport where participants control drones equipped with cameras while wearing head-mounted displays showing the live stream camera feed from the drones. The goal is to complete a set course as quickly as possible. Drone racing began as an amateur sport in Australia in late 2014.

DR1 Racing is a professional drone racing organization that combines elite pilots and exhilarating locations into high-octane racing event series. The 2019 season introduces the World's largest professional racing drone, pushing the boundaries of the emerging sport full throttle into the future.

Over 4 times bigger than the last season's mini-squad racing drone, the new Pro Class will test the limits of the pilots and teams like never before. Accelerating to a blistering 90mph in just over 1 second, these racing drones have the speed and maneuverability to slay the most extreme race locations in the world. 



Calendar :
Programming available :

Season 2: 6 races with new locations 

Introduction of the new Pro Class Drone. 

Champion series Season 1 already available

1h TV program for each race of the seaon

Delivery of the programs via FTP starting end october

Programs available with English commentaries